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PA's Professors Still Negotiating

01.25.13 | Sarah Harnisch

There's no labor deal yet for college professors across Pennsylvania. The board chairman of Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned universities and a union leader speaking for 6,000 faculty members on Thursday each accused the other side of being ...

Frostbite Symptoms Laid Out

01.24.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Last night was the most bitter night of the year so far. Temperatures dropped another ten degrees in some parts of the listening area. Erin Cornell, the Communications Director for the Red Cross in southwestern New York, checked in with our ...

NRA To Pull Out of Gun Show In PA

01.24.13 | Sarah Harnisch

The National Rifle Association is joining the growing list of vendors who are pulling out of the eastern sports and outdoors show in Harrisburg next month. In a statement on its website, the NRA says it tried unsuccessfully to have Reed ...

PA Photo ID Law To Be Heard In Court This Summer

01.23.13 | Sarah Harnisch

A legal challenge to the Pennsylvania law mandating photo identification for voters is tentatively scheduled for trial this summer. A state judge says the trial will begin July 15 in Harrisburg. The judge says he'll decide by March 21 whether to ...

Don't Toss Your T.V. In The Trash In PA

01.23.13 | Sarah Harnisch

This week, people in Pennysylvania will no longer be able to throw away their electronic devices with their trash. The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) requires that you not dispose computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions ...

Corbett To Unveil Bill To Help Disabled Live On Their Own

01.23.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is going to announce plans this morning for more cash to help disabled people across the state of Pennsylvania live independantly. In his budget in February, he's plannin to request 20 million dollars more to pay ...

New Gas Drilling Documentary Opens Today

01.22.13 | Sarah Harnisch

It's a 70-minute film called "Frack Nation" and it premiers at 9 tonight on Mark Cuban's AXS T.V. channel. The documentary is about the dishonesty of another documentary, one that was nominated for an Oscar, alled "Gasland." the pro-drilling film ...

Fracking becomes Self-Sufficient

01.21.13 | Bob Price

Advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have powered the American natural gas boom. And now hydraulic fracturing could be increasingly powered by the very fuel it has been so successful in coaxing up from the depths.

Pennsylvanians Buying More Weapons

01.18.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania, like much of the nation, has been arming up. Last month, amid the Sandy Hook shootings and President Barack Obama's calls for stricter gun control, the FBI processed 133,241 background checks before a firearm could be purchased in ...

PA Gov Wants To Pay For Roads & Bridges By Taxing Gas Stations

01.17.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is about to unveil a massive transportation overhaul plan that relies mostly on 2 billion dollars a year in taxes on gas stations. Corbett's office says he will unveil details next week. The centerpiece of the plan ...

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