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Survey: 4th Quarter Hiring Outlook Takes A Dip

09.07.10 | FL News Team

Overseas, developed countries have much better outlooks.

U.S. Commanders: Burning Koran May Result In Slain Troops

09.07.10 | FL News Team

Pastor dismisses the military's contention.

Study: Cavity Sealants Could Expose Kids To BPA

09.07.10 | FL News Team

Unclear how much of the BPA is absorbed into the body.

Long-Term Weight Loss May Harm Health

09.07.10 | FL News Team

Researchers link pollutant release to other diseases.

Policy Expert: Clearfield Blowout Was Instructional

09.03.10 | FL News Team

Due to cost cutting and human error says prof.

Six Charged In Massive Human Trafficking Case

09.03.10 | FL News Team

Said to be largest in modern U.S. history.

Dramatic Decline In Illegal Immigrants Entering U.S.

09.02.10 | FL News Team

The biggest decline came from Latin American countries.

PSA Campaign To Challenge Perceptions Of Islam

09.02.10 | FL News Team

Airs before the 9/11 anniversary.

Double Hand Transplant Patient To Discuss Surgery Today

09.02.10 | FL News Team

Nation's third double hand transplant recipient.

Report: August Downsizing Lowest In More Than Decade

09.01.10 | FL News Team

First downward tick for three consecutive months.