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Abdulmutallab Mostly Quiet While Pleading Not Guilty

01.08.10 | FL News Team

The 23-year-old appeared before a U.S. Magistrate.

NBC To Conan O'Brien: Better Later Than Never?

01.08.10 | FL News Team

"The Jay Leno Show" will reportedly go on hiatus on February 1st.

Newark Airport Security Breach Video

01.08.10 | Sarah Harnisch

NJ's Senior Senator says the man needs to come forward.

New York Mayor Requests Federal Funds For Terrorist Trial

01.07.10 | FL News Team

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants taxpayers nationwide to pay for the federal trials of suspected 9-11 plotters...

Top Aide Promises "Shock" Over Missed Clues

01.07.10 | FL News Team

A soon-to-be released declassified report dealing with the missed clues on the would-be Christmas plane bomber under wraps will "shock" Americans...

OnStar And Chevrolet Unveil Smartphone Application

01.07.10 | FL News Team

Chevy Volt drivers will be able to use their cell phones to talk to their car...

Findings Reported For American Airlines Jet Crash Landing In Jamaica

01.07.10 | FL News Team

Jamaican authorities have released initial findings of their investigation into the crash landing of an American Airlines passenger jet at an airport there last month...

Documentary Of "Miracle On The Hudson" Flight Makes Debut

01.06.10 | FL News Team

The "Miracle on the Hudson" pilotreturned to New York on Tuesday night for a movie premiere recounting the emergency water landing of U.S. Airways Flight 1549...

Obama: Intelligence Failures Won't Be Tolerated

01.06.10 | FL News Team

President Obama said intelligence failures will not be tolerated...

Study: Depression Drugs Have Limited Effect

01.06.10 | FL News Team

Feeling a bit blue? Take up jogging or curl up with a few self-help books rather than relying on antidepressants...