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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Nominates Presidential Candidate (Courtesy of AP)

04.02.12 | Bob Price

Egyptian military judges dropped convictions against Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Khairat el-Shater, clearing the nominee of the nation’s dominant political party to run in the election, the group’s lawyer said.

Cameron: Earth's Deepest Spot, Desolate, Forebodding

03.26.12 | Bob Price

The last frontier on Earth is out-of-this-world, desolate, foreboding, and moon-like, James Cameron said after diving to the deepest part of the ocean. And he loved it.

Obama to Russia : More Flexibility After Elections

03.26.12 | Bob Price

President Barack Obama told Russia's leader Monday that he would have more flexibility after the November election to deal with the contentious issue of missile defense, a candid assessment of political reality that was picked up by a microphone ...

US intel : Water a Cause for War in Coming Decades

03.22.12 | Bob Price

Drought, floods and a lack of fresh water may cause significant global instability and conflict in the coming decades, as developing countries scramble to meet demand from exploding populations while dealing with the effects of climate change, U.S. ...

Soldier Accused Of Shooting Civilians To Be Charged

03.19.12 | Jeremy Miller

A soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan will likely know the charges against him this week.  Attorney John Henry Browne says he expects charges to be filed on Thursday against Staff Sergeant Robert Bales.  Bales is ...

NYPD Adds Security At Jewish Schools

03.19.12 | Jeremy Miller

New York City authorities are adding extra security around Jewish schools and other institutions following a shooting at a Jewish school in France.  NYPD officials say while there is no specific threat to Jewish schools, businesses or other ...

Was Panetta the target of a Terror Attack?

03.14.12 | Bob Price

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is feared to have been the target of a suicide attack at Camp Bastion today.

Community Cares For Unwanted Child

03.13.12 | Jeremy Miller

Little Adam Was Born Deformed, Unwanted by Birth Parents

Web Star Born....Kony Video gets Millions of views

03.08.12 | Bob Price

If Joseph Kony lived in relative anonymity before this week, he's an Internet star now.

Pakistan charges 3 of Bin Laden's Wives

03.08.12 | Bob Price

Pakistan has charged Osama bin Laden's three widows with illegally entering and living in the country, the interior minister said Thursday.

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