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New Pa Voter Law Heads to Court Wednesday

07.25.12 | Bob Price

The first legal test for Pennsylvania's tough new voter identification law is arriving.

Gov't Says Excessive Heat Could Continue Through The Fall

07.20.12 | Bob Price

Government forecasters say the excessive heat across much of the U.S. may not let up until October.

10 percent Of Deaths Worldwide Caused By Inactivity

07.20.12 | Bob Price

Physical inactivity causes one in ten deaths worldwide, according to a series of studies. Researchers say their findings put physical inactivity on par with smoking and obesity as a health risk.

Home Sales Up in New York

07.20.12 | Bob Price

More New Yorkers appear to be selling their homes

Ex-Chairman of Penn State Board Resigns

07.20.12 | Bob Price

Penn State University's board of trustees has accepted the resignation of Steve Garban.

Pro Family Group says NY Payraise is a bad idea

07.19.12 | Bob Price

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is opposed to a pay raise for state politicians.

PA voter I-D Law under attack

07.19.12 | Bob Price

Lawyers for a group challenging Pennsylvania's new voter identification law say at least one million voters in the state lack the photo ID they now need to vote.

Tasty Potato Chip offer : $1 Million Prize

07.19.12 | Bob Price

Lay's, the world's biggest food brand, will announce on Friday, plans to cook one consumers' recipe into a potato chip. Oh, and by the way, they're going to pay that lucky winner, a million dollars for their idea !!

Overheated cows produce less Milk

07.19.12 | Bob Price

According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, the hot, dry summer is affecting the dairy industry.

Feds investigate Sticky Accelerators on SUV'S

07.18.12 | Bob Price

Almost three-quarters of a million SUVs are under federal investigation on concerns about unintended acceleration.

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