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Businesses Now Abandoning Landline Phones

12.30.08 | FL News Team

Businesses are looking for ways to save money.

PA Rent Rebate Deadline Nears

12.30.08 | FL News Team

The deadline for property tax and rent rebate applications is Wednesday.

Electricity Disconnects Growing in NY

12.29.08 | Jeremy Miller

If you are having trouble paying your utility bills, you are not alone.

Budget Deficit Could Plague Rendell

12.29.08 | Alan Gustafson

The talk in Harrisburg these days is how to close a growing deficit.

GM and Chrysler to Get Money

12.29.08 | FL News Team

The two automakers are getting a four billion dollar cash infusion.

Hamas Leader Wants Truce

12.29.08 | FL News Team

In exchange, Israel would end air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Eastern PA

12.26.08 | Terry Diener

A U.S. Airways flight landed after people on the plane smelled smoke.

Paterson Wants Speculation to End

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

Who will succeed Hillary Clinton in the Senate? Paterson says it is up to him.

Bush Pulls Pardon

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

President Bush has canceled the pardon of a New York real-estate developer.

Bethlehem Booked

12.22.08 | Sarah Harnisch

If Jesus were born today, there still would be no room for Him at the inn.

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