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Workplace Wellness Programs Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

10.02.09 | FL News Team

Companies with workplace wellness programs can help their employees prevent risk factors for heart disease...

Report: Breast Cancer Rates Drop Again

10.01.09 | FL News Team

Breast cancer deaths dropped again this year now that researchers have isolated some of its causes.

Empire State Building Shines In Red And Yellow To Honor China

10.01.09 | FL News Team

The Empire State Building is recognizing the 60th anniversary of communist China.

Comcast Eyes NBC Universal

10.01.09 | FL News Team

A mega-media deal may be on the horizon.

U.S., Iran Meeting Underway At Six Party Nuclear Talks

10.01.09 | FL News Team

Talks between Iran and six world powers are underway...

GM Ends eBay Auto Sales Experiment

09.30.09 | FL News Team

GM, along with other manufacturers, will continue to sell pre-owned vehicles on eBay.

Health Experts: Take All Flu Seriously

09.30.09 | FL News Team

But they add most people with mild flu symptoms will not not need testing or treatment.

Buffalo Third-Poorest City In U.S.

09.30.09 | FL News Team

Only Detroit and Cleveland beat out the Queen City.

Cheerleaders' Religious Signs Draw Fire

09.30.09 | FL News Team

Now the whole community is rallying behind the girls.

Driver's Education Making A Comeback In Schools

09.29.09 | FL News Team

Driver's education could be making a comeback in the nation's public schools.

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