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Strike Forces Spirit Airlines To Cancel Flights Through Tuesday

06.14.10 | FL News Team

Passengers of Spirit Airlines will be stuck on the ground at least through Tuesday as a pilots' strike continues...

Drugmakers, Public Sector To Share Data On Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

06.11.10 |

Pharmaceutical companies are joining forces with the public sector to speed up the development of new drugs to treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease..

NASA Chief Wars With Congress Over Constellation

06.11.10 |

It looks like NASA and Congress are about to do battle over the Constellation project...

Morgan Freeman To Join Efforts To Bring World Cup To U.S.

06.11.10 | FL News Team

Morgan Freeman is lending his fame to a campaign to bring the World Cup back to the U.S in 2018 or 2022...

Oil Spill In Gulf Could Have Powered Thousands Of Cars

06.11.10 | FL News Team

If all the oil that's spewed from the Deepwater Horizon well had been used for fuel, it could have powered thousands of cars, trucks and ships...

Millennia Old Leather Shoe Discovery Amazes Archaeologists

06.10.10 | FL News Team

An 55- hundred year old leather shoe has been discovered in an Armenian cave...

Feds Propose Green Card Fee Hike

06.10.10 | FL News Team

The Feds want to make it a little more expensive to become an American...

South Korean Space Craft Explodes After Launch

06.10.10 |

The South Korean space program suffered a setback today when a rocket toting a scientific satellite exploded two minutes after lift off. ..

Study: Autistic Kids Often Have Unique Gene Mutations

06.10.10 |

A genetic scan of a thousand kids with autism yielded the astonishing find that many have a pattern of genetic mutations as unique as fingerprints....

Hospital Ratings Assess What Patients Think

06.09.10 | FL News Team

Patients have had their say on how hospitals treated them, and the results are available online...