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Computergate Trial Starts Tomorrow In Pennsylvania

01.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Jury selection begins tomorrow in the public corruption trial of former Pennsylvania House Speaker Bill DeWeese.  Opening statements get underway next week.  The 61-year-old Democrat is charged with illegally using taxpayer-funded ...

Are Dolphins Key to Diffusing Iran?

01.16.12 | Bob Price

Dolphins are being trained to keep a vital oil passageway open, in case Iran acts to shut it down

Teebowing could be Dangerous to your Health

01.16.12 | Bob Price

The pose that's sweeping the nation got some high school kids in trouble in South Carolina

Budget Goes Public Tuesday

01.16.12 | Bob Price

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivers his budget blueprint to state lawmakers tomorrow.

Inmate admits he lied about Bernie Fine

01.16.12 | Bob Price

A prison inmate who accused a former Syracuse University Basketball coach of abuse now admits he made it up.

Elmira Hospital Sued

01.13.12 | Bob Price

A Chemung county family says an Elmira hospital caused the death of their loved one

Change at the Airport

01.13.12 | Bob Price

There's apparently a lot of extra money being left at the airport when people pass by those federal airport screeners.

Evangelical Leaders Huddle To Discuss Conservative Presidential Candidates

01.13.12 | Sarah Harnisch

 Evangelical leaders across the country are gathering in Texas today to solidify their front behind a conservative candidate for President. The invite ticket included 150 different names-- like Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, ...

P.A. Governor Tom Corbett Signals He's Running Again

01.13.12 | Sarah Harnisch

    In the clearest indication yet that he will seek a second term, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said Thursday that he intends to open the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show. That doesn't take place till 4 years from now. "I have to ...

G-Rated Movies Generate 3 to 5 Times More Income Then R-Rated Flicks

01.12.12 | Sarah Harnisch

    In 2011, 207 R-rated movies were released, and the average movie made just 10-million dollars. In the same year, 18 rated-G movies were released, and they generated 34-million-dollars each. Media pundit Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and ...