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Fall Sharathon starts this week

10.12.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Bring the whole family

Convertibles May Cause Hearing Loss

10.12.09 | FL News Team

People who drive or ride in convertibles could be harming their hearing.

Americans Told To Both Save And Shop More

10.12.09 | FL News Team

Americans are being asked to do two things to help stoke up the economy.

Retired Generals, Senators Discuss Way Forward In Afghanistan

10.12.09 | FL News Team

The discussion over the best way to move forward in Afghanistan is getting louder in Washington, DC.

Philippines Forced To Import Rice Following Typhoons

10.12.09 | FL News Team

Two typhoons in as many weeks have devastated Philippine farmlands...

Two Big Box Stores To Help With Saving Forests

10.09.09 | FL News Team

A pilot program to conserve rapidly disappearing forests in the Southeast...

Michelle's Law Goes Into Effect Today

10.09.09 | FL News Team

A law involving college students and health insurance coverage goes into effect today...

Probe Successfully Slams Into Lunar Crater

10.09.09 |

A NASA rocket has successfully slammed into the lunar surface...

Nobel Prize Goes To President Obama For Diplomacy, Cooperation

10.09.09 | FL News Team

President Barack Obama has become the first sitting U.S. president since Woodrow Wilson to win a Nobel Peace Prize...

Federal Government Sets Up Website About H1N1 Flu

10.08.09 | FL News Team

The federal government has unveiled a website about the H1N1 flu.

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