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Google Demonstrates Chrome Computer Operating System

11.20.09 | FL News Team

Google isn't just a search engine anymore, it's getting set to take on Microsoft. ..

Panel Issues New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

11.20.09 | FL News Team

A panel of women's health experts is issuing new guidelines for cervical cancer screening in the U.S...

Today Is The Great American Smokeout

11.19.09 | FL News Team

No butts about it, today's the Great American Smokeout...

Gas Grills Sold By Lowes Subject Of National Recall

11.19.09 | FL News Team

A popular gas grill sold by Lowes stores nationwide is being recalled...

Separate Studies Link Morphine To Tumor Growth

11.19.09 | FL News Team

U.S. researchers are seeing growing evidence that morphine and similar pain management drugs may encourage tumors to grow and spread...

Long-Lost Agatha Christie Story Due Out Today

11.17.09 | FL News Team

Fictional detective Hercule Poirot is on the case again in a long-lost story being published today...

Report: Millions May Owe IRS Thanks To Obama Tax Credit

11.17.09 | FL News Team

More than 15-million taxpayers may be in for a very unpleasant surprise next year...

Shuttle Atlantis Blasts Off On Supply Mission To Space Station

11.17.09 | FL News Team

Space Shuttle Atlantis is racing toward the International Space Station following its successful launch...

Iran Boosts Gasoline Production To Defy West

11.17.09 | FL News Team

Iran thumbed its nose at the West today by upping gasoline production 30-percent to prove it could survive sanctions...

UN Food Summit Opens On Sour Note

11.16.09 | FL News Team

the United Nations world food summit opens today in Rome...

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