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Pew Survey: U.S. Plays Less Important Role Globally

12.04.09 | FL News Team

Both the public and foreign policy experts see the U.S. playing a reduced role on the world stage. ..

Study: Loneliness Can Be Contagious

12.02.09 |

Sanitizers and covering up a sneeze won't work in combatting the spread of the common malady known as loneliness...

Google, Yahoo Report Most Popular Internet Searches Of 2009

12.02.09 | FL News Team

The number one item Internet users searched for in 2009 wasn't a place or a thing, it was a person....

Thousands Of NY Offenders Removed From Facebook, MySpace

12.02.09 | FL News Team

More than 35-hundred registered New York state sex offenders have been booted from social networking sites...

U.S. Announces AIDS Programs On Eve Of World AIDS Day

12.01.09 | FL News Team

Today is World AIDS Day, held to highlight the continuing fight against a disease that's infected an estimated 33-million people around the planet...

Study: No Big Cost Hike In Premiums Under Senate Bill

12.01.09 | FL News Team

The health bill currently being debated in the Senate would not substantially change premiums for most Americans...

Healthcare Debate Kicks Into High Gear In Senate

11.30.09 | FL News Team

The debate over healthcare reform kicks into high gear in the U.S...

Nook Goes On Sale Today But Demand Exceeds Supply

11.30.09 | FL News Team

Barnes & Noble says its new Nook electronic-book reader will go on sale today, but don't expect to find one to put under a tree.

Cyber Monday Marked By Online Specials

11.30.09 | FL News Team

Today is Cyber Monday, the online equivalent of shopping's Black Friday.

Honduran Election Threatens U.S.- Latin American Relations

11.30.09 | FL News Team

Conservative Honduran opposition leader Porfirio Lobo has won his country's disputed presidential election..

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