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Storm Weakens To Category 2

09.02.09 | FL News Team

Hurricane Jimena [[ he-MEN-ah ]] has been downgraded to a Category 2 storm

Six Fires Continue To Burn In California, Governor Declares Emergencies

09.01.09 | FL News Team

Six major wildfires continue to burn in California

U.S. Representative Peter King Says He's Not Running For Senate

09.01.09 | FL News Team

In New York, the shrinking field of challengers for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand now includes Republicans.

Denver Airport Rated Top Sleeping Spot

09.01.09 | FL News Team

Looking for a good airport to catch some ZZZs?

Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Has Heart Surgery

09.01.09 | FL News Team

Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing successful surgery

U.S. Commander Calls For Strategy Change In Afghanistan

08.31.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, new partial results from the recent presidential election show President Hamid Karzai leading his rival.

Restaurant Alleges McDonald's Steals "Who's Your Patty" Slogan

08.31.09 | FL News Team

McDonald's refuses to speculate on the matter.

Massachusetts Moving On Kennedy Replacement

08.31.09 | FL News Team

January 19th has been set as the date for a special election.

Automated Phone Calls To Stop Tomorrow

08.31.09 | FL News Team

Consumers can add their landline phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Mother Of Autistic Boy Voted Out Of Class Sues

08.28.09 | FL News Team

The five-year-old has since been diagnosed with autism.

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