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Congress Working Quickly to Extend Cash-For-Clunkers Program

07.31.09 | FL News Team

Car buyers are given as much as $4,000 when they trade in gas guzzlers.

Governor Rendell Wants a Budget by Monday

07.30.09 | FL News Team

The governor is trying to put the squeeze on lawmakers.

New York Highway Fatalities Decreased When Speed Limit Increased

07.30.09 | FL News Team

Not so for the rest of the country...

More Retailers Now Accepting Food Stamps

07.30.09 | FL News Team

Costco to 7-Eleven are now catering to cash-strapped customers.

Researchers: Organic Food Is Not More Nutritious

07.30.09 | FL News Team

The independent report is published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition."

PA GOP Leader Sees Long Budget Stalemate

07.29.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, Gov. Rendell could put a temporary budget in place tonight to allow state workers to get their paychecks.

NY State Attorney General Orders Retailers to Stop Selling Toy Guns

07.29.09 | FL News Team

About 100 companies received cease-and-desist letters.

Gates 911 Caller Says She Has Been Threatened

07.29.09 | FL News Team

Lucia Whalen says she has been also been called a racist.

Iran Releases 140 Election Protesters

07.29.09 | FL News Team

A prison was also closed over conditions.

Verizon Announces Another Eight Thousand Layoffs

07.28.09 | FL News Team

Verizon Communications says it's being forced to lay off another eight-thousand workers...

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