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Obama To Pardon Thanksgiving Turkey

11.25.09 | FL News Team

President Obama will save one lucky bird from the slaughter today ...

Retailers Boosting Black Friday Security

11.25.09 | FL News Team

Retailers are taking steps to avoid the ugliness that marred last year's Black Friday shopping...

Iraq National Election Looks Unlikely For January

11.24.09 | FL News Team

Iraq's January national election appears to have been scuttled, throwing its fragile democracy into disarray...

Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Getting Lots Of Money-Saving Questions

11.24.09 | FL News Team

Plenty of questions on how to serve a tasty Thanksgiving meal on a tighter budget are coming in to the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line this year...

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls Millions Of Cribs

11.24.09 | FL News Team

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling more than two-million drop-side cribs...

President To Address Nation On Afghanistan

11.24.09 | FL News Team

President Obama will likely disclose his decision on Afghanistan to the nation next Tuesday..

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Gives Millions To Schools

11.20.09 | FL News Team

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doling out tens of millions of dollars to schools...

Senate Prepares For Healthcare Showdown

11.20.09 |

The great healthcare debate in the U.S. Senate could get a green light this weekend...

Google Demonstrates Chrome Computer Operating System

11.20.09 | FL News Team

Google isn't just a search engine anymore, it's getting set to take on Microsoft. ..

Panel Issues New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

11.20.09 | FL News Team

A panel of women's health experts is issuing new guidelines for cervical cancer screening in the U.S...

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