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President Opens High-Stakes Healthcare Summit

02.25.10 | FL News Team

Mr. Obama says the system is fundamentally flawed.

Study: Faster CT Scanners Mean Less Radiation Exposure

02.24.10 | FL News Team

New technology is helping doctors limit the amount of radiation their patients are exposed to during CT scans of the heart...

Pentagon: Let Women Serve On Navy Submarines

02.24.10 | FL News Team

Women will be allowed to serve aboard U.S. Navy submarines if Congress gives its okay...

Last Two American Missionaries Detained In Haiti To Be Freed

02.24.10 | FL News Team

A Haitian judge has ordered the release of the final two of ten American missionaries arrested in Haiti for allegedly trying to take children out of the country....

CBO: Stimulus Legislation Created Jobs, Mitigated Unemployment, Boosted Economy

02.24.10 | FL News Team

The economic stimulus package passed by Congress and signed by President Obama is not the failure critics claim...

State Department Adds Two Mexican States To Travel Advisory

02.23.10 | FL News Team

The U.S. State Department has added two Mexican states to a travel advisory due to a spike in violence...

Congress Finds Documents Critical Of Toyota, Regulators

02.23.10 | FL News Team

Toyota Motor Corp routinely dismissed the possibility that faulty electronics could cause unintended acceleration....

Supreme Court Hears Case On Anti-Terror Law

02.23.10 | FL News Team

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up a case Tuesday that questions the constitutionality of a key anti-terror law...

New Law Allows Legal Firearms In National Parks

02.22.10 | FL News Team

A change in the federal law allows visitors to national parks and national wildlife refuges to legally possess firearms...

Army To Test Laser Beam At White Sands Missile Range

02.22.10 | FL News Team

The Army may soon blast missiles out of the sky with a laser beam...

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