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Study: Some Breast Cancer Patients Could Skip Radiation

05.21.10 | FL News Team

Radiation was once thought to be a must after breast cancer lumpectomies.

Detained Hikers Reunited With Mothers

05.20.10 |

Three American hikers being held in Iran on espionage charges finally got to see their mothers today...

Unreturned Book From George Washington Brought Back To Library

05.20.10 |

A piece of American history returns home to New York City....

More Lexus Models Recalled

05.20.10 | FL News Team

Four Lexus models will be recalled by Toyota due to steering problems...

Diets Excluding Milk Protein, Wheat Might Not Help Autism

05.20.10 | FL News Team

Eliminating wheat and milk protein might not help children with autism...

Six Men To Live In Isolation For Mars Experiment

05.19.10 | FL News Team

Six men from Russia, Europe and China are getting set to spend the next year and a half living together in very close quarters, sealed-off from the rest of the world....

Drug For Lung Treatments May Also Help Prevent Lung Cancer

05.19.10 |

A drug used to treat a variety of diseases may also help prevent lung cancer in former smokers...

Clinton, Gates, Mullen Testify For Passage Of START Treaty

05.19.10 | FL News Team

Two leading members of President Obama's cabinet and the nation's top military leader are pressing for passage of the new START treaty with Russia...

Confrontations Grow Between Troops And Anti-Government Protesters

05.19.10 |

Fighting between what are called "red shirt" protesters and troops in central Bangkok is intensifying...

2010 So Far Is Warmest Year In 131 Years

05.18.10 |

The National Climatic Data Center and NASA are reporting this year is, so far, the warmest ever recorded....

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