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Feds Propose Green Card Fee Hike

06.10.10 | FL News Team

The Feds want to make it a little more expensive to become an American...

South Korean Space Craft Explodes After Launch

06.10.10 |

The South Korean space program suffered a setback today when a rocket toting a scientific satellite exploded two minutes after lift off. ..

Study: Autistic Kids Often Have Unique Gene Mutations

06.10.10 |

A genetic scan of a thousand kids with autism yielded the astonishing find that many have a pattern of genetic mutations as unique as fingerprints....

Hospital Ratings Assess What Patients Think

06.09.10 | FL News Team

Patients have had their say on how hospitals treated them, and the results are available online...

Researchers Find Noticeable Decline In Worldwide Snake Population

06.09.10 |

British researchers say the worldwide population of the slithering reptiles is noticeably on the decline...

Airbus Receives Record Plane Order From Emirates

06.09.10 | FL News Team

A record eleven-billion-dollar order has been received by Airbus from largest airline in the Arab world...

Obama Expected To Offer Aid To Gaza

06.09.10 |

President Obama will host Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House on Wednesday...

Study: Work Schedule Affects Sleep, Productivity

06.08.10 |

Going to work after midnight could dramatically improve the performance of employees on the night shift...

New Poll Finds Americans In Anti-Incumbent, Anti-Government Mood

06.08.10 |

Just in time for today's primary elections comes a new poll that portends a most uncertain November for incumbents...

Index Shows World Is Less Peaceful

06.08.10 |

The Institute for Economics and Peace index shows the world has become less peaceful overall during the past year...

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