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Obama To Announce Help For U.S. Housing

02.19.10 | FL News Team

President Obama will announce one-and-a-half-billion dollars will be allocated to programs at local Housing Finance Agencies in Nevada, California, Arizona, Michigan and Florida....

American Missionaries Land In Miami After Being Freed In Haiti

02.18.10 | FL News Team

Eight Americans arrested last month in Haiti landed at Miami International Airport late Wednesday night after being freed from jail...

Woman Wards Off Robber

02.18.10 | FL News Team

Elderly Massachusetts woman wards off a would-be robber in a 7-Eleven store.

Obama To Host Dalai Lama Today

02.18.10 | FL News Team

Despite protests by China, President Obama will host a meeting with the Dalai Lama today...

Millennial Generation Less Religious Than Older Americans

02.18.10 | FL News Team

A new report claims Americans in the Millennial Generation are significantly less religious than older Americans...

Opinion Of Congress Drops To Record Low In CNN Poll

02.17.10 | FL News Team

A new poll shows nearly two-thirds of registered voters think most congressional incumbents shouldn't be re-elected...

Aspirin May Help Prevent Return Of Breast Cancer

02.17.10 | FL News Team

Aspirin may help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer...

Toyota Chief To Head New Quality Control Task force

02.17.10 | FL News Team

Toyota Motor Corp's president will lead a new quality control task force to try and put the Japanese carmaker back on top globally...

TSA To Begin Random Swabbing Of Airport Passengers

02.17.10 | FL News Team

Get ready to be swabbed for explosives even before going through airport security...

Judge To Deepen Inquiry In American Missionary Case

02.16.10 | FL News Team

The case of the ten American missionaries being held in Haiti on child kidnapping charges developed a twist on Monday...

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