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Lawsuits Filed Over Defense of Marriage Act

11.10.10 | Sarah Harnisch

A battle over the Defense of Marriage Act could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Christ" in Christmas

11.10.10 | Bob Price

The Liberty Counsel has released their naughty and nice lists of stores that leave "Christ" off the word "Christmas".

Cutting The Pledge of Allegiance In Half

11.10.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Should the pledge be recited in its entirety over the intercom during school? North Collins, NY says no...

Fast Food Toys Banned In San Fran

11.10.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Does your kid's fast food meal have more then 600 calories? Forget the toys...

Mass Birthday Parties In P.A. Schools?

11.09.10 | Sarah Harnisch

One party a month; 1 cupcake per party.

1 In 5 Drivers Soon To Be 65 Or Older

11.09.10 | Sarah Harnisch

National Safety Board out with average driver's ages.

Britain Will Expand Air Cargo Screening After Bomb Scares

11.05.10 | FL News Team

Screenings will also take place on some passenger flights.

Jobs Up In October; President Encouraged

11.05.10 | FL News Team

The national unemployment rate remains at nine-point-six percent.

Shuttle Launch Attempt Scrubbed Due To Hydrogen Leak

11.05.10 | FL News Team

Current launch window for Discovery closes on Sunday.

FDA Approves Antidepressant For Chronic Pain

11.05.10 | FL News Team

Drug also used to manage diabetic pain and fibromyalgia.

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