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North Korea Allows The First Western Show On T.V.... Ever

12.31.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Was it Dora the Explorer? The Smurfs? The Office? Not quite...

Nintendo Says 3D Games Are Not Safe For Little Eyes

12.31.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Anyone under the age of 6 should not be playing those types of games, Nintendo says.

New York Gets A New Governor... Before The Inauguration??

12.31.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Andrew Cuomo has a secret ceremony... tonight.

Dog In Western Pennsylvania Saves Family

12.31.10 | Sarah Harnisch

In our story, we have listed a place where you can donate to help the family out. They lost everything.

Most Americans Won't Be Drinking and Partying On New Year's Eve

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

But they will be praying.

How Would You Like To Sit Through A Church Service... in 3D?

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

You only have to go to Grapevine, Texas to make it happen!

Original Sound of Music Family Member Passes Away

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Agathe Von Trapp was 97 years old.

FBI Investigating Christian Politician Christine O'Donnell

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

In the press, you will see the story of the investigation everywhere. But on Family Life news, take a peek at Christine's defense.

Nutrition Labels On Meat

12.29.10 | Sarah Harnisch

USDA to require calories, fats, and other information listed on meat.

Wilkes Barre Police Officers To Retire... after 120 Years

12.29.10 |

The men say "they're going to let the young guys do the work now."

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