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Ex-Chairman of Penn State Board Resigns

07.20.12 | Bob Price

Penn State University's board of trustees has accepted the resignation of Steve Garban.

Pro Family Group says NY Payraise is a bad idea

07.19.12 | Bob Price

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is opposed to a pay raise for state politicians.

PA voter I-D Law under attack

07.19.12 | Bob Price

Lawyers for a group challenging Pennsylvania's new voter identification law say at least one million voters in the state lack the photo ID they now need to vote.

Tasty Potato Chip offer : $1 Million Prize

07.19.12 | Bob Price

Lay's, the world's biggest food brand, will announce on Friday, plans to cook one consumers' recipe into a potato chip. Oh, and by the way, they're going to pay that lucky winner, a million dollars for their idea !!

Overheated cows produce less Milk

07.19.12 | Bob Price

According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, the hot, dry summer is affecting the dairy industry.

Feds investigate Sticky Accelerators on SUV'S

07.18.12 | Bob Price

Almost three-quarters of a million SUVs are under federal investigation on concerns about unintended acceleration.

Measure meant to warn NY swimmers of Sewage

07.18.12 | Bob Price

Sewage plant operators would have to tell the public when waste overflows into waterways under recently passed legislation meant to keep New York swimmers, boaters and fishermen from inadvertently getting into it.

Court Date set for PSU Officials

07.18.12 | Bob Price

A judge is going to hear oral arguments on pretrial motions in the case of two former Penn State officials charged with perjury and failing to report suspected child sexual abuse.

Upstate NY Group demands Audit before Thruway Toll Hike

07.18.12 | Bob Price

A major state business group is demanding a thorough audit of the state Thruway Authority before it raises tolls by what the authority called a "modest" 45 percent for larger trucks.

Trucker Leaps Into Moving Vehicle In Pennsylania

07.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There was a daring rescue in LeHigh County, Pennsylvania... on the turnpike, of all places. State police say a trucker lept from his own rig to stop a tanker truck after its driver suddenly died behind the wheel. The trucker noticed the semi ...