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Heat Exhaustion-- What Should You Watch For?

06.20.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Thousands of cities in New York and Pennsylvania could top 100 degrees today with the heat index. High temperatures increase your chance of getting heat exhaustion. It all has to do with water intake. medical experts say. The sodium in your body ...

Low Gas Prices Are Saving School Bus Companies In NY, PA Thousands of Dollars

06.19.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Low gas prices are making school districts in Pennsylvania and New York ecstatic. School superintendants are finalizing their 2012-2013 budgets. Jeffrey Zweibel, the superintendant in Pottsville, Pennsylvania says he budgeted 10-percent more in ...

Connecticut Close To Stealing NY's Title For Highest Taxes In The Nation

06.19.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There's another state in the running for the highest state income taxes in the nation. New York and now Connecticut are neck and neck for taxing their people the most. The tax foundation analyzed all 50 states. They found New York took in ...

Despite Strict New PA Law, Most Abortion Clinics Staying Open

06.19.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Just one of twenty-two Pennsylvania abortion clinics will be closing its doors because of a new law that took effect today. The law requires abortion clinics to have the same surgical standards as hospitals because of squalid conditions found in a ...

Researchers Discover Teens That Argue Stay Away From Drugs

06.19.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There's a good reason to argue with your kids. A study from the University of Virginia shows young teenagers who are taught to argue more effectively are more likely to resist peer pressure or use drugs later in adolescence. One hundred fifty ...

Sigh of relief at G20 Summit over Greek Election Results

06.18.12 | Bob Price

World leaders expressed relief on the eve of a G20 summit that Greek voters had stepped back from the edge and elected a government that supports painful reforms in exchange for a European Union bailout of the country's troubled economy.

NY agrees to sweeping reforms in disabled care

06.18.12 | Bob Price

Some of New York's most vulnerable citizens will be protected by a hotline, special investigators and other measures aimed at improving a system marked by years of abuse and death among the disabled in state facilities.

Sandusky trial's second week to turn to defense

06.18.12 | Bob Price

The defense in Jerry Sandusky's child sexual abuse trial could begin putting on its own witnesses early this week, and one of them could be the former Penn State assistant football coach himself.

Easing of pot laws poses challenge for parents

06.18.12 | Bob Price

Michael Jolton was a young father with a 5-year-old son when Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000. Now he's got three boys, the oldest near adulthood, and finds himself repeatedly explaining green-leafed marijuana ads and "free ...

Bibles Yanked From Military Exchange Store Shelves

06.15.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The Department of Defense has removed all military edition Bibles from shelves of military exchange stores. They were told the Bibles were unconstitutional, and there were 200-thousand plaintiffs preparing a massive class action lawsuit if it ...