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U.S. Navy to Challenge but not Board North Korean Ships

06.16.09 | FL News Team

The Obama administration appears to be modifying a plan to board ships bound for North Korea...

Former President Jimmy Carter in Gaza

06.16.09 | FL News Team

Former President Jimmy Carter continues a challenging mission in the Middle East ...

DC Comics Launching Full-Sized Newspaper Strips

06.16.09 | FL News Team

A weekly series of comic strips will be launched in July and will be printed on full-size newspaper ...

Campaign to Fire Letterman Taking Shape

06.16.09 | FL News Team

Letterman has repeatedly stated his comments were nothing more than bad jokes.

European Union Ready to Help Resettle Guantanamo Detainees

06.15.09 | FL News Team

Washington will share information with the EU member states about the freed detainees.

Thousands Take to Streets to Protest Iranian Election Outcome

06.15.09 | FL News Team

The pro-reform candidate lost Friday's election.

Senator Monserrate Re-Joins Democratic Side in Senate

06.15.09 | FL News Team

The senator confirmed his intentions this morning.

Pennsylvania Hunting and Furtaker Licenses Go on Sale

06.15.09 | Terry Diener

There is a 70-cent transaction fee attached to the purchase of each license and permit.

Senate Democrats in New York Head to State Supreme Court

06.12.09 | FL News Team

Senate Democrats in New York head to the state Supreme Court in Albany this morning...

Voters in Iran Choose Between Ahmadinejad and Moderates

06.12.09 | FL News Team

Voting is underway in Iran.....