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New York Offers Incentives to Volunteers

04.19.12 | Jeremy Miller

Proposed legislation aims to keep New York's volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians by offering more perks to join their ranks and help local towns support their hometown heroes by preventing potential for future property tax ...

Exceptions Made for PA Voter ID Law

04.19.12 | Jeremy Miller

State officials say Pennsylvania voters can now use long-expired state driver's licenses or non-driver ID cards to obtain a photo ID card more easily. Secretary of State Carol Aichele said the new policy allows most people with a license or ID ...

Partnership Compiles Christian Records

04.18.12 | Jeremy Miller

The Evangelical Church in America is partnering with archives.com, a family history website. The partnership includes plans to digitize and index 1,000 reels of microfilm containing millions of baptism, confirmation, marriage and funeral records ...

Primary Day Approaches in Pennsylvania

04.18.12 |

Pennsylvania is gearing up for primary day and Republican Presidential rivals Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have been campaigning hard in the Keystone State. The candidates have been in raising cash, appealing for votes and talking up the value ...

NY Farmers Fight Against New Labor Regulations

04.18.12 | Jeremy Miller

Many farmers throughout New York State are trying to block new federal labor regulations, which they say threaten the future of family farms. The U.S. Department of Labor issued new guidelines governing the employment of 14 and 15 year olds. The ...

U.S., NATO Condemn Gruesome Photos

04.18.12 | Jeremy Miller

U.S. and NATO officials are condemning photos of American troops posing with bodies of suicide bombers in Afghanistan two years ago. The photos, published today by the "Los Angeles Times," show American GI's smiling next to the corpses. ...

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands at New Home

04.17.12 | Bob Price

Space shuttle Discovery soared around the Washington Monument and the White House in a salute to the nation's capital Tuesday before landing for the last time near its new museum home.

Penn State Officials ask for more time in preparing Defense

04.17.12 | Bob Price

The Penn State administrators accused of lying to the grand jury that investigated Jerry Sandusky are asking a judge for more time to make their latest pretrial court filing.

Pennsylvania School Photos Go Viral (Because It Looks Like A Star Wars Spaceship!)

04.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A google image of a high school in western Pennsylvania has gone viral. Parkland High School in Allentown is home to 32-hundred students. It's not because the school did anything in particular, it's that an ariel shot shows it just happens to look ...

VT marks 5th anniversary of Campus Massacre

04.16.12 | Bob Price

Each anniversary since the April 2007, massacre on the Virginia Tech campus, classes have been suspended for the day in memory of the 32 students and faculty killed in the rampage by a lone gunman who then killed himself.