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Cuomo To Unveil Budget

01.22.13 | Sarah Harnisch

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will share his plan for the state buget today. Budget negotiations officially kick off, when Cuomo will release new state backed programs, without, he says, raising taxes. The final spending plan is due March 31st. A ...

Inauguration Day Schedule

01.21.13 | Bob Price

Here is the schedule for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. (subject to change)

Fracking becomes Self-Sufficient

01.21.13 | Bob Price

Advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have powered the American natural gas boom. And now hydraulic fracturing could be increasingly powered by the very fuel it has been so successful in coaxing up from the depths.

Flu Season Fuels Debate over Paid Time Off

01.21.13 | Bob Price

Sniffling, groggy and afraid she had caught the flu, Diana Zavala dragged herself in to work anyway for a day she felt she couldn't afford to miss.

Plane From Rochester Blows Tires During Landing

01.21.13 | Bob Price

Authorities say a United Express plane from western New York has blown four tires as it landed at Newark Liberty International Airport and veered off a runway.

Don't Toss Your T.V. or Computer In The Trash in Pennsylvania

01.18.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Beginning January 24th, a new law goes into effect in Pennsylvania that bans all electronics from landfills. That means if you try to throw out your old television or computer, the garbage haulers will not take them. And if you get caught trying to ...

New Gun Laws Supported By Most New Yorkers, Even Upstaters

01.18.13 | Sarah Harnisch

What do New Yorkers think about having the toughest gun control law in the nation? The study, released by Sienna College, shows 73 percent of voters supported banning assault weapons and magazine clips with more then seven bullets. 91-percent said ...

Pennsylvanians Buying More Weapons

01.18.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania, like much of the nation, has been arming up. Last month, amid the Sandy Hook shootings and President Barack Obama's calls for stricter gun control, the FBI processed 133,241 background checks before a firearm could be purchased in ...

Another Christian Pastor To Stand Trial In Iran Next Week

01.18.13 | Sarah Harnisch

There's yet another pastor the Family Life newsroom is watching that is being held hostage in Iran. His name is Saeed Abedini. Abedini was yanked off a bus and placed on house arrest last summer. Next week, he will face a trial, and has been told ...

2 Lawsuits Already Being Drawn Up Against NY Gun Control Bill

01.17.13 | Sarah Harnisch

New York State's day-old gun law is already sparking criticism. The National Rifle Association and a lawyer in Buffalo are both planning to file federal lawsuits. Buffalo Attorney Jim Tresmond says the act is unconstitutional because it prevents ...