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New Guidelines Proposed For Diagnosing Alzheimer's

07.14.10 | FL News Team

The disease could be diagnosed in three stages.

NAACP To Vote On Resolution Condemning Tea Party Racism

07.13.10 | FL News Team

Says racist elements are "a threat to progress."

Poll: Growing Number Of Americans Lack Faith In Obama

07.13.10 | FL News Team

Republican and Democratic lawmakers fare even worse.

U.S. Authorities Detain 12th Suspected Russian Spy

07.13.10 | FL News Team

An eleventh suspect jumped bail last week in Cyprus.

Obesity Drug To Be Tested By FDA

07.13.10 | FL News Team

An FDA panel will debate Onexa.

King Arthur's Round Table Location Found

07.12.10 | FL News Team

Researchers say at least a thousand of his followers would gather to hear Arthur's requests.

Study: Percentage Of Children Missing Cholesterol Screening

07.12.10 | FL News Team

Childhood obesity is currently at 20-percent in the U.S.

YMCA Shortening Name To "The Y"

07.12.10 | FL News Team

Spokewoman says new name is "warmer, more genuine, more welcoming."

More Oil Skimmers Used As BP Works To Replace Containment Cap

07.12.10 | FL News Team

25-thousand barrels of oily water were collected Sunday.

Russian Spies Leave The United States

07.09.10 | FL News Team

Washington and Moscow are talking about swapping the ten suspects for four spies being held in Russia.

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