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Cheney Out Of Intensive Care From Previous Surgery

08.02.10 | FL News Team

Remains hospitalized after undergoing heart surgery last month.

Groups Say Possible Cancer Causes Need More Investigation

07.16.10 | FL News Team

The report highlights 19 chemicals and shift work.

PA Turnpike Will Be Most Expensive In U.S. Come January

07.16.10 | FL News Team

The commonwealth is currently tied with NJ for the costliest turnpike.

NY Comptroller Says Budget Plan Is Overly Optimistic

07.16.10 | FL News Team

A spokesman for Governor David Paterson calls report grossly overstated.

President Closely Monitoring Latest BP Maneuvers In Gulf

07.16.10 | FL News Team

There's no evidence of any damage to the well since it was capped.

Report: Concerns Voiced Early About iPhone 4 Antenna

07.15.10 | FL News Team

"Consumer Reports" has balked at recommending the phone because of reception problems.

BP Test On New Gulf Cap To Begin Today

07.15.10 | FL News Team

Valves on the new cap will be shut down one by one.

Argentina's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Awaits President's Signing

07.15.10 | FL News Team

Would become the first South American nation to allow such marriages.

Iranian Scientist Returns To Tehran Amid Rumors Of Kidnapping

07.15.10 | FL News Team

Claims he was offered 50-million dollars "to spread lies" about Iran's nuclear program.

White House To Release Report On Stimulus

07.14.10 | FL News Team

A recent poll found that 54-percent of Americans disapprove of the President's handling of the economy.

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