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Vatican Calls Money Laundering Investigation A "Misunderstanding"

09.23.10 | FL News Team

Bank officials claim no wrongdoing.

Clinton Pledges $50 Million For Clean Stoves

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Claims millions of lives can be saved and improved.

Some Republicans Call On Lazio To End Gubernatorial Bid

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Paladino gaining ground on Cuomo.

Teens Say Family Dinners Are Important

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Those who don't have family dinner at least 3 times a week more likely to try drugs.

Nation's Health Law Takes Effect Thursday

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Some insurance companies already warning of impending rate hikes.

GOP Blocks Move Toward "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal

09.21.10 | FL News Team

Policy bans gays, lesbians from serving openly in the military.

Study: Obesity Bad For Your Bank Account

09.21.10 | FL News Team

Women's wallets suffer more than men's.

Space Shuttle Discovery On Launch Pad For Final Mission

09.21.10 | FL News Team

Nov. 1 launch date targeted.

Fed Suggests It's Prepared To Act On Sluggish Economic Growth

09.21.10 | FL News Team

Benchmark interest rate remains unchanged.

Mike Pence Winner of Straw Poll For Possible GOP Presidential Candidates

09.20.10 | FL News Team

Conducted at Values Voter Summit.

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