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Study: Celiac Disease Cases Increasing

09.28.10 | FL News Team

Especially among seniors.

Texting Bans Don't Reduce Crashes, Study Claims

09.28.10 | FL News Team

Three states examined actually saw an increase in crashes.

Computer Virus Targets Iranian Nuclear Facility

09.27.10 | FL News Team

Plant had been scheduled to go online next month.

Poll: Tough Road Ahead For President Obama

09.27.10 | FL News Team

Healthcare hurting the President's popularity.

Feds Want Broader Internet Wiretap Authority

09.27.10 | FL News Team

Terror suspects no longer use more traditional lines of communication.

Blockbuster Makes Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Official

09.23.10 | FL News Team

Currently over 6,500 Blockbuster stores.

In Confrontational Interview, Ahmadinejad Denies Seeking Nukes

09.23.10 | FL News Team

Also comments about Israel and American hikers held in Iran.

President Obama Vows To Boost U.S. Foreign Aid

09.23.10 | FL News Team

World must recognize the "dignity and potential of every human being."

Vatican Calls Money Laundering Investigation A "Misunderstanding"

09.23.10 | FL News Team

Bank officials claim no wrongdoing.

Clinton Pledges $50 Million For Clean Stoves

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Claims millions of lives can be saved and improved.