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Gov. Paterson Seeking Help From Obama

12.30.08 | FL News Team

Paterson is looking for ways to aid New York's economy.

Budget Deficit Could Plague Rendell

12.29.08 | Alan Gustafson

The talk in Harrisburg these days is how to close a growing deficit.

GM and Chrysler to Get Money

12.29.08 | FL News Team

The two automakers are getting a four billion dollar cash infusion.

Paterson Wants Speculation to End

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

Who will succeed Hillary Clinton in the Senate? Paterson says it is up to him.

Bush Pulls Pardon

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

President Bush has canceled the pardon of a New York real-estate developer.

The Inauguration

12.18.08 | FL News Team

One hundred seventy-five New Yorkers and their guests are heading to President-elect Barack Obama's historic inauguration.

Healthcare Coverage Could Be Cut for NY Seniors

12.18.08 | Bob Price

Healthcare activists are warning seniors could see cutbacks in prescription drug coverage...

Mail Scare at PA Capitol

12.18.08 | Bob Price

Part of the Pennsylvania Capitol was shut down for an hour yesterday after a suspicious looking envelope arrived in the governor's mail.

PA School Pension Fund Bonuses Ending

12.16.08 | Alan Gustafson

Pennsylvania's public school pension fund lost $1.8 billion this fiscal year. The loss did not stop investment staff members from receiving more than $854,000 in bonuses.

Cigarette Tax on NY Reservations

12.16.08 | Dee Haley

The last time a New York governor signed a bill to tax the sale of cigarettes on Indian property, tire fires were set in protest along Interstate 86. What will happen now?