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New York Landowners Consider Fracking Differently

03.30.12 | Jeremy Miller

An upstate New York landowners group is looking to partner with a Canadian company that uses liquid propane instead of controversial water-based hydraulic fracturing to get natural gas flowing into wells. Chris Denton is a lawyer representing the ...

NY Landowners Plan to Frack using Liquid Propane

03.29.12 | Bob Price

An upstate New York landowners group may have found a way to get around the state's de facto moratorium on shale gas drilling by using propane instead of water for hydraulic fracturing.

Cuomo, Legislative Leaders strike on-time Budget Deal for NY

03.28.12 | Bob Price

New York is poised to embark on a large economic development program, provide more assistance to the poor, and increase spending on public schools under a budget deal announced Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders.

Gas Prices Expected to Rise all Summer Long

03.27.12 | Bob Price

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, gas prices are up again this week.

Coalition Launched to work for NY Fracking Ban

03.26.12 | Bob Price

Dozens of grassroots environmental groups are joining forces to launch a coordinated campaign to ban natural gas development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing in New York state.

Suspension upheld for NY boy over Violent Drawing

03.23.12 | Bob Price

Acknowledging school violence nationwide, a federal appeals court on Thursday upheld the suspension of a 10-year-old boy for a crayon drawing expressing a desire to blow up his school and its teachers.

Christians Hosting "Evangelical Presidential Straw Poll" In Albany Today

03.20.12 | Sarah Harnisch

15-hundred conservative Christians flocked to Albany today for a political pep rally. It's the New York Family Research Foundation's Annual Legislative Day. Organizor Jason McGwire says "when the candidates see these are important issues, it causes ...

NY Could Have A Budget This Week

03.20.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Lawmakers in Albany are getting close to a deal on the state budget. They have been pulling all-nighters, including one last week, where no one went home till 7 in the morning. Because of the time put in though, not only do they predict that ...

Buying An Appliance? Stop Here First.

03.20.12 | Sarah Harnisch

If you want to buy an energy efficient appliance-- and would like as much as 350 dollars off of it-- today's the day to get it done, if you live in New York. It's day 2 of the "Buy Green, Save Green" New York State High-Efficiency Rebate Program. ...

80 Degree Temps For NY, PA On First Day Of Spring

03.20.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Heat records will be broken today in New York and Pennsylvania. There are a number of cities across the listening area that are close to breaking records-- Buffalo, Rochester, Williamsport-- and Binghamton. All are within a degree or two of their ...

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