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Harvard Police Officer Says He's No Racist

07.24.09 | FL News Team

Crowly is considered an expert on the subject of racial profiling.

Reid: No Healthcare Vote in Senate in August

07.24.09 | FL News Team

The announcement represents a setback for President Obama.

Automaker Retirees Meet With Automotive Task Force

07.24.09 | FL News Team

Representatives from Delphi say they want what was promised during their many years of work.

Bernanke: Economic Outlook Improving

07.21.09 | FL News Team

The Reserve Chairman says speculation about a second economic stimulus package is "premature."

Senator Hatch: Democratic Health Plan A Jobs Killer

07.20.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, Representative Charles Rangel said the whole process has become too political.

Sotomayor Addresses "Wise Latina" Comment, Newhaven Firefighters Case

07.14.09 | FL News Team

The judge immediately started tackling the issues during her confirmation hearing.

Pet Airways To Begin Service

06.19.09 | FL News Team

The planes will carry no human passengers.

U.S. Senate Passes Resolution Apologizing For Slavery

06.19.09 | FL News Team

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says the apology was long overdue.

DC Comics Launching Full-Sized Newspaper Strips

06.16.09 | FL News Team

A weekly series of comic strips will be launched in July and will be printed on full-size newspaper ...

Campaign to Fire Letterman Taking Shape

06.16.09 | FL News Team

Letterman has repeatedly stated his comments were nothing more than bad jokes.

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