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60th Annual Prayer Breakfast Held In Washington D.C.

02.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The President and First Lady marked the 60th Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. this morning. More then 35-hundred dignitaries from over 200 countries gathered to pray for America, including the winner of the Heissman Trophy, the ...

Slot Machine Revenue in P.A. Not Stacking Up To Expectations

02.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

In 2004, during the debate over whether to legalize gambling in Pennsylvania, Governor Ed Rendell predicted that slot machine revenue one day would be able to cut school property taxes by an average of 23-percent. But some 7 years and 10 casinos ...

Federal Bill Forces Religious Groups To Offer Contraception Coverage

02.01.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Catholic churches are blasting a new federal mandate requiring faith-based employers to provide contraception coverage. New York Cardinal-Designate Timothy Dolan said Tuesday "never before has the federal government forced individuals and ...

Creationism To Be Taught In Indiana Schools

02.01.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The Indiana Senate has ok'd the teaching of creationism, alongside evolution, in public schools. The Senate passed the bill yesterday, 28 to 22, that would allow any school to teach religion-based views on the origin of creation. Schools would not ...

Komen Drops Support Of Planned Parenthood

02.01.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The world's largest breast cancer organization, Susan B. Komen For The Cure, is yanking hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood. The breast cancer organization says new rules prevent it from funding any group under ...

When Is Winter Coming?!?

02.01.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Whatever happened to the winter of 2012? At 7 a.m. this morning, Swoyersville, Pennsylvania was 51 degrees. It was 51 in Tamaqua and Lewisburg, and 50 degrees in Wayland, New York. In fact, 2,890 daily or record highs have been broken or tied ...

Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Controversy

01.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Pennsylvania Landowners Suing To Keep Their Homes

Mississippi To Put Parents In Prison For 10 Years... For Spanking Their Kids

01.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The state of Mississippi is working on a bill that would make it a felony to spank children. Senate Bill 2180 would make it a felony to whip, strike, or abuse a child in a manner that causes bodily harm. But the Liberty Counsel says it puts parents ...

Creationism Is Sweeping Science Classrooms In America

01.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Creationism is saturating America. Many science classes in the U.S. are sweeping the theory of evolution under the rug.  That's according to the new report "State of State Science Standards" from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. The group says ...

Program Allows Homeowners To Slowly Pay For Energy Improvements

01.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A new program in New York state will allow homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient and pay off their utility bills at the same time. The "On-Bill" recovery program will allow all single family homeowners to make energy improvements and ...

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