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Gas Drilling Wells Down In P.A.. Up In Neighboring West Virginia

05.15.12 |

The number of gas drilling rigs is down in Pennsylvania, and the number in West Virginia is increasing. Houston-based oilfield service company Baker Hughes reports there were 95 drilling rigs in the Keystone State, down from 116 a year ago. West ...

Drilling Rigs down in Pa, up in West Virginia

05.14.12 | Bob Price

The number of active Pennsylvania gas drilling rigs is continuing to decline, while the number in West Virginia is increasing.

Pennsylvania Bombs Two Bridges.. And We Have The Video

05.11.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania is slowly, one by one, tackling its deteriorating bridges. If you like to see things blown up, in the LeHigh Valley of Pennsylvania, Penndot blew up 2 bridges built in 1957 yesterday. What does it feel like to be near a 70-thousand-ton ...

Sandusky wants trial Delayed

05.09.12 | Bob Price

Jerry Sandusky's attorney is asking for his June 5 trial to be delayed.

PA Police : No texting law is difficult to Enforce

05.08.12 | Bob Price

Lt. Gregory Thomas glanced in his rearview mirror and noticed a young woman driving with her head down near Capital City Mall.

Penn State Trustee Election Results go public Friday

05.04.12 | Bob Price

Penn State alumni who have been waiting since early November for change at the top will find out Friday if they got it, as results of online balloting for three alumni-elected seats on the university's board of trustees will be announced in State ...

P.A. Having A Hard Time Enforcing Texting And Driving Law

05.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Just thirty-one tickets have been issued by state police since the new texting and driving law went into effect nearly two months ago. "Back then, I mean, you saw some people doing it and I'm sure there's people doing it now, it's just being at the ...

PA Schools let students bring mobile technology into the Classroom

04.30.12 | Bob Price

As they enter the classroom that serves as the newsroom for Lower Dauphin High School’s student newspaper, The Falcon Flash, each student grabs a laptop from a cart. The school allows students to use their electronic devices in the classrooms. ...

PA towns that rely on State Police Protection may have to fork over more money

04.30.12 | Bob Price

There’s a secret tucked in the rolling green hills east of Middletown, in the farmland outside Carlisle and throughout the rural areas that still comprise most of the midstate. You’re helping to pay for the police protection that residents who ...

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Agreement

04.27.12 | Bob Price

It is either the end of an era for local minor league baseball in our area or the beginning of a whole new one. On Thursday Lackawanna County officials ended their more than 20-year ownership of the Triple-A franchise that has been playing in the ...

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