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Child Wanders Onto The Stage With The Pope

10.31.13 | Sarah Harnisch

A little boy stole the show from Pope Francis During an event over the weekend in front of thousands in St. Peter's Square

Penn State cancels naming of College President

10.31.13 | Bob Price

An abrupt about-face by Penn State officials who canceled a public meeting on Friday to name a university president.  It’s triggered more complaints from critics who say the university's culture of secrecy erodes public trust.  ...

Trial Continues of man accused of killing WNY School Superintendent

10.31.13 | Bob Price

Prosecutors say the evidence is overwhelming in the trial of a Virginia man accused of killing a Western New York school superintendent. The trial of Anthony Taglianetti continues in a Mayville courtroom. Prosecutors say the accused had the cell ...

Food Pantries expect more Business this Holiday Season

10.31.13 | Bob Price

Food pantries are anticipating more foot traffic as a reduction in food stamps looms. If you receive food stamps, you’ll see a reduction in benefits come November 1st. The benefit decrease is due to the expiration of the American ...

New Food Allergy Guidelines for Schools

10.31.13 | Bob Price

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing its first government guidelines on how to protect schoolchildren with food allergies. The voluntary guidelines call on schools to take such steps as restricting nuts, shellfish or other ...

Penn State will Name New President

10.30.13 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania State University is poised to name a new president, who will be charged with leading the state's flagship university through continued controversy in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal.  The board of ...

Commissioner Quits NY Ethics Board

10.30.13 | Bob Price

Another commissioner has quit New York's new ethics board, which was formed to stamp out public corruption.  Law professor Ellen Yaroshefsky resigned her seat on the 14-member J-COPE panel after learning the joint commission on public ethics ...

Religious Schools Seek to Limit State Regulation in PA

10.30.13 | Bob Price

Advocates for religious schools want Pennsylvania lawmakers to bar the state from regulating programs and faculty members at church-run pre-schools and nursery schools. The House Education Committee conducted a hearing on the matter yesterday. The ...

Anti-Frackers Flock to Albany

10.30.13 | Bob Price

Groups opposed to fracking in New York are protesting today in Albany. A coalition of groups dedicated to keeping New York’s 5-year-old ban on fracking in place is demanding the state D-E-C withdraw plans for new liquefied natural gas ...

Don't touch the baby bump: Pennsylvania law protects pregnant women

10.29.13 | Bob Price

Since there have been pregnant ladies, there have been people who randomly come up and start touching their bellies without warning, as if they’re at a petting zoo. Some women grin and bear it, others get assertive. Now, Pennsylvania has ...