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Iranian Reactor Sabotage

03.18.14 | Jeremy Miller

 An Iranian official says his country foiled a recent attempt to sabotage one of its nuclear reactors. A state news agency is also reporting the nuclear security official said there have been several failed attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities ...

Plans to Split NY State into Two Regions

02.18.14 | Jeremy Miller

 A movement is afoot to split New York into two regions - upstate and downstate - to acknowledge the gaping philosophical differences and improve representation.         The state would remain united for ...

Drug Buy Back Program

10.24.13 | Jeremy Miller

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is calling for the federal government to fund a drug buyback program in an attempt to prevent the drugs from falling into the wrong hands. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has something called drug take back ...

Duck Dynasty Patriarch Shares Testimony

03.13.13 | Jeremy Miller

The reality TV series "Duck Dynasty" has generated massive ratings. The show is about a rural Louisianna family with a "Rags to Riches" story that centers on their business, making duck calls for hunters. The family is also devoted to Jesus Christ ...

Lobby Day 2013

02.28.13 | Jeremy Miller

Tens of thousands of citizens rallied in Albany for the New York Lobby Day 2013. Family Life's news anchor Jeremy Miller reports from the state capital where opinions are being voiced on many issues.

NY Law Requires Defibrilators, But Not The Use of Them

02.08.13 | Jeremy Miller

While state law requires New York health clubs to have defibrillators and train staff to use them, they are not required to use them when a patron goes down. That's the ruling of New York's top court in the 2007 death of Gregory Miglino Sr., who ...

Same-Sex Marriage, Marijuana Top 2012 Ballot Measure List

11.02.12 | Jeremy Miller

  Voters in 37 states are facing at least one ballot measure when they go to the polls.  Overall, voters will see more ballot measures this year, compared to 2010.  There are 174 total measures on the 2012 ballot, up from 159 in ...

President: NY State of Emergency

10.29.12 | Jeremy Miller

President Obama declared a state of emergency for New York state and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from Hurricane Sandy. The action authorizes the Department of Homeland ...

Pennsylvania Gears Up For Massive Storm

10.29.12 | Jeremy Miller

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett wants residents to be ready for Hurricane Sandy.  Corbett said the storm has potential to be historic in nature.  He said residents have to be prepared in the event there is major flooding and loss of ...

Frankenstorm Closes Wall Street

10.29.12 | Jeremy Miller

Both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq will be closed today due to Hurricane Sandy.  The NYSE had said it would still be open today to allow for electronic trading, but that all changed late Sunday with the decision to have no ...

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