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Bob Price / News Director, Mid-Day Anchor | email

Bio2BobPAs news director, it's Bob's job to motivate the news troops and manage the product.  He finds great pleasure in working alongside his staff - three greatly talented and hard-working people that God personally led to the ministry.  Each shares a commitment to excellence and it’s his  privilege to “labor in the vineyard” along with them.

Each day, Bob hosts a half-hour noon report that includes national, state and local news, plus feature reporting. What most excites him about his job is the fact that the news audience is not necessarily Christian – and if we’re doing our job right, listeners might stick around to hear something that’s going to change their lives.  That jolts Bob to no end!

Before Family Life – Bob was a student at Houghton College where he majored in mass communications.  He fell in love with radio while announcing college soccer and basketball games on WJSL.  Bob was fortunate enough to get a job with Family Life right out of college after interning at the station for a summer.  He figured since the NBA wasn’t knocking down his door, he’d give it a shot. 

Bob love sports – anything where there’s a ball involved.  He also loves history (all kinds), reading, and exercising (sometimes). His wife Joanna is a reading teacher at Addison Central School.  They have two children, Gracie and Ryan.  The Price family loves to play together and read books.  Bob is so blessed to work for a ministry that allows him to spend time his family.  Bob Price lives in Painted Post – just outside of Corning.  

Sarah Harnisch / Morning Anchor | email

Bio2SarahSarah Harnisch is a horseback riding, scrapbooking mom of five who anchors news by dawn and homeschools by… well, the rest of the day. Sort of like those secret CIA spies, Sarah slips out of her house at 2:30 am under her double persona — and returns home shortly after breakfast, shedding her Morning Show secret suit (complete with utility belt) to don supermom garb instead.

Before Family Life, Sarah anchored news on the 4th largest radio station in Chicago: WLS. She's interviewed everyone from Barack Obama to Jesse Jackson. Sarah has worked on 38 radio stations and had her own talk show in suburban Chicago.

Other little known facts about Sarah: she never went to college for broadcasting, but double majored in English Linguistics and Ancient and East Asian History, with a minor in Japanese. She delivered 4 of her 5 kids in college—either during midterm or finals week. On one occasion, she delivered her son, then drove to school to take her midterm 18 hours later (baby in tote) — before heading home. 

Sarah met her husband John in a bowling alley when she was 16 years old, and they got engaged 3 weeks after their first date. They have 5 amazing kids nicknamed Alligator, Bear, Bug (the only girl), Tigger, and Fluff.

Martha Manikas-Foster / Feature Reporter | email 

Bio2MarthaWriting is a big part of Martha's job, and it’s an essential part of what Martha enjoys. She has worked as both a book and Bible editor, written magazine and newspaper articles, and served as a school district Writer in Residence. Martha came to work at Family Life because a few years ago she left a routine telephone message with people at Family Life. They heard something in her voice that made them think she could work in radio.  And she can!

In addition to writing, Martha loves throwing pottery, teaching her inquisitive high school Sunday school class, and looking through a camera viewfinder as often as possible. But more often than not you'll find Martha spending the bulk of her time catering to the every whim of her husband and adult children. Maybe you can relate.