White House To Release Report On Stimulus

07.14.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  The White House is going on the economic offensive today with a new report bolstering its claims that its policies have created jobs.  A report from the Council on Economic Advisors will focus on President Obama's $862-billion economic stimulus package that passed last year.  The report estimates the stimulus saved or created some three-million jobs and is on track to reach 3.5-million jobs by year's end.  

The council will reportedly say that the biggest boosts are coming from a "co-investment" by private industry into clean energy and infrastructure jobs.  Republicans have portrayed the stimulus as wasteful and ineffective.  The White House is hoping to take control of public perception of the economy.  A recent "Washington Post"/ABC News poll found that 54-percent of Americans disapprove of the President's handling of the economy.  Only 40-percent approve.