White House Set To Roll Out New National Security Strategy

05.27.10 |

The White House is set to roll out the administration's new national security strategy. White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan said the strategy will make clear that the U.S. is at war with terrorists but not at war with Islam. It's seen as a clear break from former President George W. Bush's approach, which many Democrats criticized as "cowboy diplomacy." Brennan said the new policy is a departure from the Bush Doctrine, which asserted the right to wage pre-emptive war on nations and terrorist cells that are deemed a threat to U.S. national security.

 The Obama strategy also places a special emphasis on the threat of homegrown, lone wolf terrorism. Brennan said the administration will use "every tool of American power" to combat terrorism, including military, diplomatic and law enforcement tools. He vowed to do everything possible to "disrupt, dismantle and ensure a lasting defeat of al-Qaeda and violent extremist affiliates."