What Are Some Rock Solid Tips For Staying Saved In College

09.02.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   Texas pastor and college professor Jay Budziszewski has written a book called "How to Stay Christian in College."  He tells Family Life news the atmosphere on many campuses these days is agressively agnostic and Christian students are finding it hard to stay grounded in the faith. He says "it's not the typical path that they follow that they have intellectual doubts about God and then start behaving in those hedenistic activites. What happens is they start behaving in them, and then start looking for excuses to doubt God."
   His advice to Christian students is not to be an isolationist. He says so many college students say "it's you and me God. I can pray by myself, attend church at home by myself." He suggested college kids immediately get plugged into a local church, and then, an on-campus fellowship as well. He also suggested surrounding yourself with Christian peers.
    If you are interested in reading his book, you can find it here.