Website Owner Google Manipulates Ad Prices

02.18.09 | FL News Team

It's David versus Goliath, with a small search engine up against mighty Google. A website operator called has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Internet giant.

According to "The New York Times," TradeComet says Google manipulated ad prices to try and run its search engine out of business. The search engine, called, is a competitor to Google in the lucrative business-to-business niche.

TradeComet bought ads through Google's advertising arm to drive traffic to SourceTool and hits soared to 650-thousand visitors a day. Then ad costs spiked ten-thousand percent in a single year.

The company says Google realized SourceTool was sneaking up on them and manipulated ad prices. Google's spokesman says it has long warned advertisers it is a competitive market and they can always go elsewhere.