Watkins Glen Police Department Elimination An Option

06.04.13 | Abby Lutcher

Two of those options include cutting the department all together. There are six options that were put together by the Center for Governmental Research based in Rochester. At the meeting at the village hall the final two options, five and six, brought about the most passionate discussion. That's because those options discuss eliminating the police department. In option five the village would eliminate the police department.  However, the village would contract with the Schuyler County Sheriff's Office for patrol dedicated specifically to the village. The net savings for the village would be $180,000 resulting around $120 in savings annually for a $90,000 home. In option six the police department would be eliminated but there would be no contract.  The village of Watkins Glen would be policed just like any other municipality in Schuyler County without local law enforcement. Savings for the village would be $517,000 and add up to around $345 annually for a $90,000 home. However, the county would have their costs increased by $336,000 a year, resulting in county taxes for a $90,000 home going up by $23 annually. Every neighbor at tonight's meeting seemed to be against those options. Watkins Glen Mayor Mark Swinnerton says the village is in good financial shape. He says this study was done just to make sure every stone financially is overturned. If for some reason the village board of trustees would like to explore options five and six there would likely be a public vote.