Washington Post Google Nsa Forming Cybersecurity Alliance

02.04.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  Internet search giant Google is close to finalizing a cybersecurity partnership with the National Security Agency to investigate a corporate espionage attack that Google believes originated in China last month.  "The Washington Post" reports the goal of the alliance is to better protect Google users from cyber attacks.  Both organizations will trade critical information, while ensuring the privacy of Americans will be protected.  Reportedly, the NSA will not review e-mail accounts or user searches, and Google will not share proprietary information with the NSA.  

Google admitted publicly on January 12th that its system had been breached repeatedly since the beginning of December.  The intrusion left open Google's programming language for its applications and spread out to 30 other defense, energy, financial and media companies.  In addition, the G-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists were hacked into.  The cyber attack was so troubling that Google threatened to shut down all operations in China.  Google and Chinese officials are still at odds over the matter.