Was It Medicare Or Jack Davis That Cost Republicans The 26th

05.26.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

  Was it Medicare or Jack Davis that cost Jane Corwin the special election in western New York?? The G-O-P challenger lost by 7 points to Democrat Kathy Hochul in the race to fill the 26th district congretional seat.  Democrats say it was Corwins' support of a medicare tweak that cost her the seat. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said his message is to "listen to the American people [on Medicare], because their message cannot be more clear."
   But others argue Medicare was not Corwin's downfall, it was the third party candidate Jack Davis who took 9-percent of the overall vote.  If "he" was not in it - Corwin would have won it. This political analyst says "if anything, what happened in district 26 is this. The Tea Party upset the apple cart for Republicans. You have Davis, a Tea Party candidate, who took votes away from the Republican." Kathy Hochul's surprise victory means for the first time in New York history, the 26th district will be represented by a Democrat. She is expected to be sworn in within in the next week.