Walt Day Write A Letter Day

12.12.11 | Sarah Harnisch

The Post Office is set to lay off 155 thousand employees next year, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told CNN. But one mom of three from Hornell, New York has taken it upon herself to inspire others to keep the post office busy.
   Two years ago, Becky DePra enlisted her kids to start W.A.L.T. day-- "write a letter day". She says shut off your email account-- forget texting-- and pick up a pen and paper and send your thoughts via snail mail. Her monthly movement spread to her homeschool group, and now, it's impacting people across the world, from soldiers to widows.
    She says little ones will draw pictures for soldiers, and teenagers write 2 letters a month. They have written widowers and the elderly that are alone. She says all it takes is one person forming a group, keeping an eye out for people that would benefit from a letter, and taking donations for stamps.
     Becky's group of 10 has written over 200 letters so far.

   If you have a facebook account and would like to contact her, you can go here.