Va Governor Supports Ag In Legal Action Against Healthcare Bill

03.23.10 | FL News Team

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is backing the state's oft-controversial attorney general is his plan to take legal action against the passage of federal healthcare reform. Following Congress' approval of the healthcare bill Sunday night, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said he will file suit on the claim that the legislation violates the U.S. Constitution by requiring nearly all Americans to be insured. In a statement issued Monday, Governor McDonnell said, quote, "The continued intrusion of this Congress into the free-enterprise system... is shocking to the American system of federalism." Meanwhile, former Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, a Democrat, dismissed Cuccinelli's threat of legal action. When asked for his opinion on the attorney general, Kaine said, quote," I thought Ken had his hands full discriminating against people and raising wacky questions about President Obama's birth certificate."