Us Withdraws Combat Troops From Iraqi Cities

07.01.09 | FL News Team

The U.S. is withdrawing combat troops from cities in Iraq and turning security over to Iraqi forces. Army General Ray Odierno [[ oh-dee-AIR-no ]], commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, said the U.S. will focus on security outside of the cities, including border controls. In a briefing from Baghdad, General Odierno said the process of withdrawing from the cities has been happening gradually for months. Odierno noted that U.S. "trainers and advisors" will continue working with Iraqi security forces in the cities. He declined to say how many trainers and advisors remain in Iraq's cities, saying the number varies every day.


The U.S. is heading toward a final military withdrawl from Iraq by 2011. More than 130-thousand U.S. troops remain in Iraq more than six years after then-President George W. Bush ordered an invasion. More than 43-hundred U.S. troops have perished in the ongoing war. Those grim numbers include four U.S. soldiers who died Monday from combat-related injuries.