Us Supreme Court Rejects Evolution Suit

03.24.09 | FL News Team

The U.S. Supreme Court has tackled the issue of evolution versus Darwinism and decided to let the private arguments continue but not the legal ones. The court was considering a four-year-old lawsuit filed by Jeanne Caldwell of Roseville, California.

The woman contended one page of the University of California at Berkeley Website says Darwinism can be compatible with religion. Caldwell disagrees claiming the taxpayer-funded page contradicts her religious belief about the incompatibility between the two subjects.

To her way of thinking the claim amounts to California taking a position on religion in violation, she says, of the Constitutional separation of church and state. Several lower courts have rejected her claim on the grounds the Web page had not caused her significant injury. The High Court didn't take a position, it simply rejected the suit without comment on Monday.