Us Supreme Court Kicks Off New Term Today

10.03.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  It's being called explosive and enthralling-- the most interesting Supreme Court term in a century. Today, the new term kicks off. At the top of the justice's to-do list: President Obama's healthcare reform bill. On one side is a lawsuit brought by 28 states. They question the part of the bill where the  U.S. Government requires every American to purchase health insurance. Analysts say it will have consquences for President Obama's re-election, because it's a signature piece of his administration. Others say it could change the way the government and people interact. Other cases to you'll want to watch out for include an electronic surveillance case that asks whether police can attach a G.P.S. tracker to a suspects car without a warrant. The central question is "do motorists have a right to privacy on public roads?" There is also a case waiting about swearing on the television and on the radio, as well as cases pending on gay marriage, affirmative action, and abortion.